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Emerson Rogers has developed these new resources and using our advanced marketing technologies has made the process of providing value to your clients easier than ever.

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Benefits Guidebook Builder

Quickly Prepare a Customized Resource for Employers & Employees

Many employers rely on their broker to provide professional level documents in order to effectively communicate the benefits and limitations of their group plan with participants. Providing a quality guidebook is an opportunity to give clients a resource they can depend on daily.

Guidebook Builder Makes It Easy:
Broker Uploads
  • Employer/Union/Group Logo
  • HR Contact Information
  • Plan Summaries
  • Contributions Pages
Technology Provides
  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Section Breaks
  • Annual Notices

Annual Notices Builder

Provide Required Disclosures to Your Client

Employers who provide group health benefits are required to distribute a variety of complex annual notices to be compliant and avoid significant penalties. You can easily provide this service to your client using this intuitive tool.

Notices Included
  • Medicare Creditable Coverage
  • CHIP: Premium Assistance Under Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program
  • Protected Health Information
  • HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act
  • Special Enrollment Rights
  • Women’s Health & Cancer Rights
  • Newborns’ & Mothers’ Health Protection Act
  • Surprise Medical Bills
  • Women’s Health Act
  • Mental Health Parity Act

These notices are continually monitored by our Compliance team and automatically updated within the Annual Notices Builder.

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Employee benefit guidebooks and annual notices are critical documents that help employees understand their benefits and make informed decisions about how to use them. Through the resources offered by Emerson Rogers, our brokers can follow the best practices for developing and distributing these documents to their clients, helping to ensure that all workers are informed, engaged, and satisfied with their benefits.


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